Susan Lynch

I like to work with energy and enthusiasm towards mostly expressive abstract and semi abstract works.  I paint freely, sometimes with a theme in mind but mostly without any logical thinking or preconceived ideas; just allowing my imagination to flow through my hand to the paint onto the support. Using palette knives and generous amounts of good quality paint onto linen and canvas, I like my work to be energetic and full of movement.

Some of my paintings are more stylized than abstracted – it’s just the way they develop. Often the images appear like magic, creating their own story, which is very exciting. Others have to be worked and re-worked before I am satisfied I have an interesting painting.  I like to give my work a name to suggest what I see but am fascinated when the viewers make their own unique interpretation. My greatest compliment was that my painting ‘continued to mesmerize’.

Dip HE Fine Art Painting
Member of Chalk Gallery, Lewes