Susan King

Originally trained as a sculptor, I specialise in richly textured ceramics that are hand-built using rolled-out slabs of different clays. My workshop is at the bottom of a long garden overlooking a large pond where I often use the plants growing in the meadow and around the pond to create delicate patterns and surfaces in the clay.

My current work includes tall pots and wall panels, that are impressed by ferns to create a fossilised effect, and garden panels impressed with a variety of leaf and plant forms.  Once bisque fired, they are coloured with subtle stains and oxides, then glazed fired, and sometimes smoke-fired to create an extra depth of surface.  I also use slabs to build three-dimensional abstract torsos, and in contrast to my large, textured slab work, I use white porcelain clay and glazes to create fine, delicate jugs.

I studied: Diploma in Art and Design – Manchester, MEd – Sheffield, PhD – York. My undergraduate studies were in fine art, specialising in sculpture and printmaking.