Dick Segal

Dick’s ambition was to be a professional painter, however circumstances , changed the direction of his life.

He started a Graphic Design Company, that he ran for over forty five years, working with some of the top property companies in the U.K. and abroad, as well as a selection of other service driven companies and leading charities. He came from a working class background, and was encouraged to study at school, with a view to going onto further education. Whilst running his business Dick continued to paint, developing his artist skills. This provided a much needed and relaxing alternative to the demanding world of graphic design. He previously painted in gouache, as well as using a combination of coloured pencils on cartridge paper, but now paints in acrylic on canvas. His work always reflects the very difficult discipline of creating highly depicted realism, in a surreal or fantasy setting.

His love of art extends beyond that of producing his own pictures to different genres and in particular to his deep interest in Japanese art.

As a printer I worked with Dick for over forty years and only since he retired have I started selling his artwork.

His latest project is his creative interpretation of various Beatles songs with more to follow.