Adrian Parnell

Adrian was brought up in North Devon and went on to study at Saint Martins School of Art, where Keith Vaughan tutored him (a well-established and prolific painter of his time) before continuing his education at The Slade School of Fine Art during the 70s.


He is an associate member of the Penwith Society of St. Ives and has exhibited regularly in London at the RCA British Art Fair, the London Contemporary and galleries in Amsterdam and New York.


For the past four decades, Adrian has been creating paintings and drawings that chart a continuing visual engagement with the landscape.


He says, “Landscape painting for me should try to include the play of light, textures, surfaces and atmospheres of a place. A painting is only about layers of time and paint; the subject, which started the creative process, is overtaken by the exploration, experimentation and excitement of what emerges on the canvas. The time spent on a work is an immersive reconnoitre leading to the finished picture which in turn leads to the next adventure.”